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  1. yeah i see how that could help. I'll post one with blurred edges and some more tweaks later
  2. Ok, once again, I screwed with it and here is the outcome (hopefully better) New:
  3. really nice sokagirl well, I tried to redo my other abstract with a bigger image, but since i just screw around until it looks cool, I can't remember exactly what I did. So its changed a bit but hopefully for the better Old: New:
  4. lol I know, it's not my perm sig I just wanted to see what people said about it. yours is really good, 9/10
  5. um there's not one above me so i'll give you a 1/10
  6. yeah i was gonna post the avatar that is to the left of this post, but i saw this thread was overflowing and went to the "rate avatar above you" thread. ps - can somebody tell me how to get the white background out. i saved it as no background, but a white one appeared after saving it well lets give out some comments (please keep in mind im not an expert): really nice skitzo, probably took awhile easy: basic but cool pretty good pyromaniac
  7. The leaf one is plain awesome 9.999/10, the one in your post is plain yet says that you use paint.net and like it 7/10. I was just screwing around with the avatar on the left and would appreciate advice since im not an expert
  8. very cool nibblet, I think i can see people in the light too. Well I'm not very experienced but heres an abstract avatar i threw together by messing around
  9. Thanks, yeah I'm trying to make a avatar and sig now but I know that's not something that happens in an hour. I guess I'm one of those people that can envision a really good picture in my head, but can't put it on the paper if that makes sense.
  10. Hey well here's my story: I downloaded paint.net awhile ago, and I never really used it for much other than messing around or for school projects (because paint really sucked). I've read around the forums for awhile and downloaded plugins and such. I randomly decided to join today. Hopefully I can get good with paint.net, but I'm not really a good artist lol. Oh well I know this community is fun and welcoming so hopefully I can become active here.
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