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  1. Sorry to bother - got hold of the plugin, installed in "effects" folder, it shows in the effects and the ui comes up when called - but does absolutely nothing :? Could it be outdated ? I'm using V3.36 and the original post for the plugin was over two years ago
  2. Thanks for the link - Google Chrome gave me a very serious security warning - so I backed out. Do you know whether the site has been compromised, or is Chrome just being paranoid?
  3. Following on from this - my needs at this moment are very simple - to be able to center a single layer on the canvas - so that the center of the is exactly on the center of the canvas? If this is not available within PDN, would the above mentioned plugin do this?
  4. Hi all First time here - thanks to all of you for sharing - something I've been looking for for ages are some decent hair brushes for painting on UV maps - anyone like to have a go?