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  1. Simple, straightfoward very good work. Only problem I found was it tended to crash if I tried to export straight to PDN without saving it as a file
  2. TADA done, but only cause you had a heart attack I wish the dentist had fixed my tooth correctly
  3. Been lurking around here for almost a year now decided I should introduce myself, and dish out major kudos to the development team here. I was turned on to this place when I was bit ummm complaining about the price of CS3. After flipping through the forums to get an idea of what this program could do I downloaded it and a few tutorials to help me get started with the program. I fell in love, within 20 minutes I had a decent grasp of the basics and was starting to do so custom work for friends. Probably the most intuitive GFX program I've ever seen. The plugin system is great it means you only
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