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  1. Added a banner for a pet project of mine and a not-so-artsy image. More of a joke.
  2. Added a new signature bar might make a few similar ones to it.
  3. Granted, but you can only afford a bonnet. I wish for something or other...
  4. ^ Don't even know who you are < Cares more about himself v You should care more about me too
  5. Added a graffiti themed image. You'll probably see more like it in the near future.
  6. @007 Nab No, but it did start out as a simple image of Earth, I'll see if I can find it to show you @Boude Thank, I always appreciate the feedback
  7. And just now, a new vortex image
  8. Thank you for the feedback, it's appreciated. I added another image. It was a banner-esk image I just experimented with, more of a try-some-new-effects than a work of art.
  9. I added a few more images. A promo for the movie District 9 and a couple of images of Slash.
  10. ^ Honestly, yes. And the Avatar too. < Doctor Who FTW v feer your deer
  11. Thank you, and I just added two new versions of that dragon and my avatar
  12. You can't expect a mutilated Jason to come back, can you?
  13. 1. What's my mood like right now? Lady Madonna 2. How's tomorrow going to be for me? Given Up 3. What kind of person am I? Long, Long, Long (?) 4. Am I loved? Baby Come Back 5. How can I achieve my highest potential? On a Plain 6. What should I do with my life? Living Well is the Best Revenge 7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end? Antichrist Superstar (That's reassuring) 8. What is my best quality? I Can't Tell You Why (Really, I can't!) 9. How does my social life look? The God That Failed (Honestly, that says it all) 10. What's the meaning of life? Fail to Grasp the Big Picture (There's a bigger picture???) 11. What do people think of me? This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Life I'm on This Song 12. How crazy am I? Fun Night 13. Where will I be a year from now? Fooling Yourself 14. What is my fondest wish? Money (Thank you Serj!!) 15. How did my parents meet? Diamonds and Pearls 16. What will I dream about tonight? Talking in Your Sleep (I'm dreaming about talking about my dream in my dream?) 17. What should I be working on right now? Something (Way to dodge a bullet) 18. What's my roommate up to currently? Centerfold (gross...) 19. What did I do last weekend? Breed (... No comment) 20. Describe me. She Blinded Me With Science 21. What does my music player think of me? Feed Us (I abuse my iPod)
  14. You can't really kill something if it's already dead...
  15. Fine by me. Your text based image defies the point of an image. 8/10 for the ballsy move
  16. Just images I've made over the past several weeks: One of my favourites My sig A string of userbars I made for another forum I'm on My personal favourite This is a promo I made for the upcoming movie, District 9 A signature of my favourite guitarist You gotta love him This isn't so much me being creative, as it is me just trying some effects from plug-ins. Check out the site though. My latest vortexesk image More of a Graffiti theme this time, might see a lot more like this soon A signature made due to the fact that my former signature was inappropriate for the forum I was on. I'm proud of this one. A banner for a pet project of mine: This isn't art, but it was made with Paint.NET
  17. I am deer dance. I recently downloaded Paint.Net in hopes of gaining skills in graphic design. So far, so good. I'm glad to be here and participate.
  18. From the monitor of a n00b:
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