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  1. @pagefault: To import already translated resx you have to enter your language on crowdin. Then you click on PaintDotNet.Strings.3.resx And [File] -> [upload translations] select "Import suggestions that match the original phrase" and "Choose file" the rest is to translate missing strings.
  2. Crowdin login: Skiff language: polish @pagefault: Crowdin supports uploading whole translation. There may be some differences for resx files, but shouldn't be big. More when I'll be able to check it out. Wainting for invite (can't find it on project search at crowdin).
  3. Polish translation updated for paint.net 4.0 alpha build 5105. BTW: Crowdin translation system would be great for me too. Strings_PL.zip
  4. You're right, but I already supplied it in translation update topic into that forum. So it would be doubled - in this situation - please delete that post (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27428-polish-localization/)
  5. If I only knew this file could be decompiled! Big thanks, and back to translating EDIT: translation to polish is completed EDIT2: attachement updated in next post
  6. Hi Guys! Where did you find new .resx files? I dug up installer, and folder after install, and also forum, but haven't found english template - could you supply me with one, or tell me where it is? Big thanks.
  7. Sorry checked again, and there were some changes in data fields names, apart for values fields. I have all values translated but didn't noticed that you have changed datanames. I'll check translation file with WinMerge again. Thanks for answer.
  8. Hello! Why strings.resx you provide doesn't contain all strings? As an example I can supply a screenshot. I've translated into polish all strings for 3.5 and there are still english text after using localization.
  9. Instaltor działa również w systemie x64. Trzeba było tylko ręcznie wskazać ścieżkę instalacji Paint.NET. Teraz jest poprawiona wersja dla x64. Użytkowników x86-32 proszę o informację, czy tam nadal działa instalator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installer worked on x64 systems too. But it was neccesary to manually input Paint.NET install path. I supply corrected version of installer for x64 systems. Users of 32bit system please report if its still working for x86-32. --------- EDIT2: Nowa wersja; poprawiłem kilka stringów + wcześniej niezauważone zmiany w strukturze tłumaczenia. here was link
  10. Here you go: http://rapidshare.com/files/307318931/ResGen.zip.html It was some time ago with source code, but there is not now (don't now why) Rick - hope attachig this file doesn't brake the license or smth? Regards, Skiff
  11. Ponieważ jest to instalator, który wrzuca wszystko gdzie trzeba i nie ma konieczności ręcznego bawienia się. Because this is an instaler, which places all need files right there, where everything should be without having to do it manually.
  12. Newest translation to polish language for Paint.NET v3.5: here was link Najnowsze tłumaczenie na język polski dla Paint.NET v3.5: tu był odnośnik
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