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  1. Here is an update! Got a new phone and made some backgrounds for it! Hope you Enjoy Merry Christmas
  2. New Sigs.. kind of an Early Valentines day i would say (On the First Page)
  3. Hey guys, Sorry the inactivity for the past little while.. life came up Heres a couple sigs I made recently: __________________________________________________________
  4. Holy bloody potato those are amazing! The last one is awesome, looks like light is filtering in through the middle opening! colours are great too Keep up the good work
  5. Nice tutorial Dark! Very easy to follow and a nice end sig Personally I was hoping it was going to be your Taokoka (<- i think that's the right name) I like that one the best But overall Amazing
  6. This is an interesting topic It just so happens that the song stuck in my head today is: I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie Love the lyrics
  7. Nice job Dark! ..like the wallpapers and the sigs.. Your one of the ones I look up to when designing a sig, you havn't let me down
  8. You did, Axle... No Biggy @ Welshblue: Thanks for the comment man! Yeah the white car is a Dodge Charger, maybe i'll make a wallpaper with an Aston Martin Stop by anytime.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up Axle... it came across a bit menacing but everything is OK now
  10. @ Axle: I do admit, without shame, that the car ones are just placed on a background, the Charger one is very simple.. the Solstice includes a couple C4D's and is also simple.. but the Audi wallpaper required a cut out of street, and the skyscrapers behind it, also a couple C4Ds... so yes none of them are my images if that's what your getting at.. i just placed them accordingly. @ Chad Yeah making wallpapers is one thing i'm definitely going to work on more often
  11. Thankyou Helen I'm probably gonna make more wallpapers now.. I kinda like being able to use a bigger canvas and can use a lot more details
  12. UPDATE: After a few days of non-activity, I made two wallpapers! Solstice Wallpaper Audi R8 Wallpaper
  13. Pretty cool.. pretty basic but still nice: 7/10 Please Rate my Current Sig
  14. Thankyou Crono, just look around for some Tut's and you'll get it UPDATE: Undead Sigs
  15. Wow! I really like the way that looks, awesome.. awesome stuff! 10/10! Please Rate:
  16. Thankyou Spm3, I will definitely try to work on my C4D arrangements.. i also have troubles finding good C4D's Hopefully my future work will be better ..i think i'm getting better as time goes by anyway
  17. Cool stuff Can't wait too see more stuff made in Paint.net!
  18. A little trippy, but i like it Nice colours and text. 8/10 Rate please:
  19. Like the logo and background.. a little basic but very nice to look at: 8/10. Rate:
  20. @ Pipp: I like the first one, because i'm a soccer player and the textures on it look cool 9/10. Second one.. a little to bright, 7/10. Good work though
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