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  1. wow.... i feel so nooobbb :shock: lolll niceee peoplleee
  2. oh oh oh oh i want a sigg on the twirling beauty and the BOLT onnee xD please
  3. :shock: y is that so awesomee?!?!?!!??!! lol i lovee bumbleebeeeee!!!!!! that iss so goodddd nice worrk!! :D i dunno about mine.... i guess its sorta plain... but i like that so yeh... do u guys? lol
  4. wow that looks pretty cool........ wat do u guys think of my new one........ pretty simple... but i guess i like that.. lol thanks
  5. @Gamer_World14 thatss aawessommee nice job ughh i'm such a noobb :oops: lol but other than that... looks good
  6. @Bink wow thats really awesommmee great jobb!
  7. I think its pretty good.....the dark bit adds meaning to it in a way somehow......... what do u guys think of my new one:)
  8. haha thanks.............. heres my new one xD
  9. heyy.. i rate the first and third 8/10 they look simple but also look pretty good and the second one i couldnt really work it out....but they look good heres mineee xD its my first one...soo yeah lol
  10. I'm sure u've heard this about 100 times but im gonna tell u again:P this is an extremely cool, awesome, well written, cool, awesome, cool, awesome tutoriall....OH did i mention cool.......and AWESOME! :P:P:D:D:D
  11. Sy-Tex Core AI that is prettty cool haha for some reason it reminds me of DragonBall-Z lol (in a good way)
  12. by the way..... u guys make such cool stufffffff.......im such a noooobbb lol hopefully with practice ill improve tooo xD
  13. thanks for the comments:D can you give me some examples of how i can improve...like wat sort of text effects i can apply pleeasse?
  14. this is my sig i made recently....im new to this sooo yeahh....please tell me where i can improve and also credit goes to HF cars and sets for's tut
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