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  1. Great image there, barbie. Looks a lot like those glass roses that people buy for their spouses Something I did in about 2 hours. Textures need work. Apophysis is credited for the nebula. It's rather big so here you have the link: http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu217/h3llb0yn3cr0/Creations/?action=view&current=Dystopia.jpg
  2. ^ was given a 10/10 sig rating from me just for the stormtrooper < Sometimes has slow internet. v plays games
  3. 10/10 just for including a Stormtrooper Don't worry, rate mine
  4. ^'s sig looks vaguely like "PHuZ" < wants a PS3 (I don't have it ) v wonders where I've been all these months I've been inactive on the PDN forums
  5. I'll assume that you're not really playing the game. To answer your question, yes and no. I did not take it from Whose Line Is It Anyway, I got this game from "The Nethernet"'s forums after it closed down (and it has subsequently reopened ). From there it may have come from WLIIA, but I haven't quite taken it from WLIIIA myself. Why don't you check Page 1?
  6. Post by Frontcannon irrelevant to the question posed by chrisco97. Please read the rules of the game before you ask a question. Continues from where chrisco left off. You had a question?
  7. Is a weather forecaster. It indeed did not rain. wants - no, not rain - but SNOW! lives in a temperate zone.
  8. Should slap my brother. Real hard. came back from vacation. Possibly needs to be slapped too.
  9. As for as I know, it's impossible for a plugin to manage the layers themselves, only the contents within. Is it possible for a feature in PDN to be created that randomly rearranges the layer orders?
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