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  1. Great image there, barbie. Looks a lot like those glass roses that people buy for their spouses Something I did in about 2 hours. Textures need work. Apophysis is credited for the nebula. It's rather big so here you have the link: http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu217/h3llb0yn3cr0/Creations/?action=view&current=Dystopia.jpg
  2. ^ was given a 10/10 sig rating from me just for the stormtrooper < Sometimes has slow internet. v plays games
  3. 10/10 just for including a Stormtrooper Don't worry, rate mine
  4. ^'s sig looks vaguely like "PHuZ" < wants a PS3 (I don't have it ) v wonders where I've been all these months I've been inactive on the PDN forums
  5. Is a weather forecaster. It indeed did not rain. wants - no, not rain - but SNOW! lives in a temperate zone.
  6. Should slap my brother. Real hard. came back from vacation. Possibly needs to be slapped too.
  7. I don't go to school is lucky he doesn't go to school goes to school
  8. I do understand. is bored. is a regular poster in this thread (unlike me)
  9. @Jerry Probably use clouds with blending mode overlay to create a rougher feel. @Goon/Yellowman Thanks!
  10. There are stars. Small ones. But yeah, the texture is too uniform. Oh, and yeah, more space. New texture method I just stumbled upon. And nebula. And star method. But the nebula looks a bit weak in realism. Soft Glow
  11. Earth? From its beginning to its end. Do view the whole story at my dA. Alpha2Omega
  12. Umm... little bug? Hidden Content: File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\ThatOtherApp.dll Effect Name: ThatOtherApp.EffectPlugin Full error message: PaintDotNet.WorkerThreadException: Worker thread threw an exception ---> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Coordinates out of range, max={Width=799, Height=599} Parameter name: (x,y) Actual value was {X=800,Y=0}. at PaintDotNet.Surface.get_Item(Int32 x, Int32 y) in D:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\Core\Surface.cs:line 948 at ThatOtherApp.EffectPlugin.Render(EffectConfigToken parameters, RenderArgs dstArgs, RenderArgs sr
  13. Very creative, but the outcome isn't that nice. (no offense)
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