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  1. the first one is definitely the best. The colorful one is a bit too colorful.
  2. C'mon. Why not give us a teaser of this tut like you did last time with the freestyle vids?
  3. And the tut is going to be about...?
  4. I love the first sig! They don't stink, give yourself a bit of confidence!
  5. Sorry. But they're just a bit strange. :oops:
  6. Yes, that a better name! But nice one man. I love the reapeted pattern. Make a tut!
  7. Why did you cut the sig into seperate pieces?
  8. I like those sigs, YY! I like the one with the blue. I think Screen works best for c4ds rly
  9. Sry man, but I don't see what's so good with Spacescapes. :?
  10. What tut are you writing? And Soka, did you make that ghost?
  11. Brilliant set! I love the wallpaper! I like your new sig also. I just checked your whole gallery and it was't updated at all.
  12. I like the Spacescape a lot more than the Starscape. Everything's quite creative.
  13. Awesome! I see a great big improvement. I love the spiderman one without color!
  14. Write a tut about that silk mountain please...hehe
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