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  1. it is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Image_Acquisition Dang, you're right. Found them in a list that was opened by clicking on the USB 'video device' listed on my files and folders. Was able to delete them from there. Thanks guys.
  2. Well, perhaps - except the 'take picture' function is Paint.NET's, and the only software supporting the webcam is WinXP noticing a USB webcam was plugged in. Unles I'm mistaken, your postulation would only make sense if Paint.Net's 'Capture' button and function (from the live-feed the webcam is giving it) is really just activating an WinXP 'Capture' function... but I'm leaning on the side that Paint.net isn't just a mask over WinXP functions.
  3. Well, I refuse to install the garbage program that came with the rather good webcam, so... There must be a way. I agree - find the file that is saving them, but since the snapshots aren't technically 'saved' by me, I have no clue what compression system they are being filed under, by what name, and ... heck, if I only knew 'where' that file that Paint.net saves 'em to, that would be a start. But it either isn't in the main install of the paint.net folder (or I'm blind and didn't see them), or they are all encoded into one file that i don't understand.
  4. I have a question I can't seem to google an answer about. I use Paint.net's Acquire feature to pull quick images (mostly of my cat, but sometimes of the breads that I bake) directly off of my webcam (my real camera broke). But now, every time I open the Acquire > Scanner or Camera > Webcam function the entire list of pictures I have taken - saved or not - still appears. There is no readily viewable way to clear the list, and I searched the Paint.net installment under "Program Files" (WinXP), but didn't see any place that would be saving the 30 or so images that I have on this list.
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