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  1. Well this is looking at it the parent planet at the equator, edge on.
  2. Thanks. That was what we were trying to do.
  3. -55 Cancri-F Earth-like Moon This was our first real project with paint.NET. It turned out nicely and looks relitively realistic. If you like our work you can request the full size image by Blue Lion Vistas at DAS_G_Lion@hotmail.com. Description: A large moon with liquid water and oceans with a higher iron content than on Earth (as seen by the dark green-blue water). The moon rotates at an angle to the equator of the parent planet (a water cloud jovian). Three other moons can be seen along with the dust rings created by several unseen volcanic moons. Tides are extreme on this moon as it is high tide in this picture however at low tide the water retreats to the islands in the distance. -Original (modified extensively) -Final Full size is much higher quality Let me know what you think ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another 55 cancri image (we like to stay on the same topic for a few images). In my opinion not a good as the last but still breath taking. Description: The parent gas giant illuminated by the sun bellow the horizon, rises in the night sky. The strong magnetic field interaction between the planet and moon creates stunning high altitude aurora on almost every part of the globe. Copyright 2009 Blue-Lion Vistas (part of Blue-Lion Studios)