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  1. Emh... It's 4 posts before your (with workaround!).
  2. What is your operating system? You can also force to hibernate, it's possible that you have to enable the option from your menu, you can find the procedure online. There are 2 types of hibernation, classical and hybrid suspension. The second is just like normal stand by, but it also saves date on hard drive in case of power failure. You may need to enable that from power settings (advanced mode). What did you use? I tried both mode (I have enabled hybrid suspension and I've tried first without unplugging power cable, and the second unplugging it) but I've returned with the canvas sti
  3. Yes, I know.... I just suggested you a way to go around this until it's fixed.
  4. You can do this to go around the problem: Paste the picture into a new image, where you can resize it. Then, paste the resized picture into the original image.
  5. No, .NET has a Linux implementation, called Mono.
  6. I am not a Comic Sans nazi, I love it when used correctly. But this is not the case... XP ARGH!
  7. I can confirm the paste behavior, now I can successfully paste from Outlook! This is a really welcome beta. Do you still plan to include pen input support? Sorry if you already said that, but I just need that and I don't follow your blog regularly.
  8. My ISP told me that your site doesn't exist...
  9. Sony alfa .ARW? I need it...
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