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  1. I've rechecked those with the most current PDN and plugin (I guess the later did not change). Issue 1 - solved Issue 2 - still there (both the message without a message title and the "empty" open picture Issue 3 - I raise the FR again (and would adjust the plugin if I'd have the sources, that FR should be relative easy to do) Issue 4 - still an issue which can be really bugging - I'd experiment for solutions with the source code available... Issue 5 - the most severe issue persists and I'm confident to fix this, too I also second the request of others (the source code is likely to contain a license info, I assume - I'd like to make fixes available to others):
  2. > And why would you need it built-in if there's already a plugin for it? The main point is: a DIB is actually a BMP (you can currently edit it if renaming dib->bmp, use Paint.net, save, rename back) and it therefore looks as only the file filter and the internal recognition by file extension has to be added. Why should one add an additional extension (that adds code which may have performance/stability issues, isn't updated along the main program) if the main program can handle it without big changes? Additional: " Some file extensions can also be covered by other plugins" - no/less plugins means no/less conflicts
  3. At least with Windows 10 you find ".dib" as alternative file extension for Bitmaps. These are rendered as normal bitmap in the Windows Explorer. Current behavior with PDN 4.0.21: * open file: extension "*.dib" not shown * manually choose file: error message "image format unknown..." * manually rename file to *.bmp: file can be opened without any problem Windows 10 Paint, Paint 3D (and IrfanView) opens all *.dib as *.bmp - is it possible to add the same behavior to PDN (without installing the following plugin)?
  4. @KetchupKid: It works with current versions. I've used it with 4.0.9 and found the bugs I've posted one post before yours when doing so (and still hope for a reply to these).
  5. *bump* - Are the points shown recognized as bugs? Is there anyone with the plan to target these "some time"?
  6. @TechnoRobbo: Thank you, the plugin works. There is still some issues with the plugin though: Issue 1: * open an icon with multiple bitmaps in (I've did so from Explorer) * the "Icon/Cursor Load Options" comes up, leave it open * open another iucon (I've did so from Explorer, in this case with a single bitmap only) Result: 100% CPU on one core, nothing happens until you switch to the "Icon/Cursor Load Options" and choose one or cancel it. Issue 2: If you cancel the "Icon/Cursor Load Options" you still have the file open with only the background set (and a message without a message title), is it possible to abort the load completely? Issue 3 (Feature Request): Is it possible to name the layers of the image file including the color dept? Currently there are multiple layers with the same names. Issue 4: `this.TopMost = true;` seems a bit too much, this is the only application (part) I've recognized so far that still shows up when I switch to a full-screen RDP session. Does it work without this? If not: is it possible to remove this in the `onFocus` (or whatever appropriate) event of the dialogue? Issue 5 (severe): If you cancel the Save Dialogue you get a 0 byte file (the original version is lost). Thank you for your answer, pdn-user Edit: added issues 4+5
  7. The DesktopBackgroundPreview-Plugin could be used as a temporary workaround for not having a FullPreview-Feature in PDN if a) there would be only stretching with keeping the aspect ratio (as it was requested before) and the sample window could be minimized For the original purpose of the plugin I'd like to have the opportunity to set the background (as requested before) and the opportunity to see the preview desktop with its icons.
  8. The DesktopBackgroundPreview-Plugin from Simon Brown could be used as a temporary workaround if a) there would be only streching with keeping the aspect ratio (as it was requested in the according topic) and the sample window could be minimized Both things were posted in his topic, too.
  9. Thank you for a good and free application. One thing I miss is a feature has been requested a few times, mainly for fullscreen editing (example with some suggestions how this can be done). I like to vote for fullscreen view, maybe his can be coded for the next version. If this could be extended to a fullscreen editing later, this would be nice, but this seems to be step 2 for me. pdn-user Sorry for having posted in this too old topic first (I acknowledge that this is against the forum rules, but I thought of "better to use the search function before opening a new topic").
  10. The topic is old, but there seems to be no fullscreen mode yet. I think the first step would be a fullscreen preview (where nothing can be done and no bar has to be). Shouldn't this be easy to do? Maybe fullscreen is available in PDN or as plugin and I just didn't found it?
  11. Is it possible to get a nice option window when opening the file to directly change the arguments in GUI (would be very useful if arguments have to be changed often).
  12. I know, this is not a request forum, but could you code a Green Eye Quick Fix plugin, too (occures often on cat-photos)? Here are two samples: Greetings, pdn-user
  13. The samples look really great. Just looked for a picture where it does not work (because you'd asked), but the problem seems to be more the bad quality of the image than the plugin. The whole image changes, but not the eyes. Here another sample which seems to be tricky (glass wearer, side view):
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