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  1. HI, I got custom brush working good, but I would like to know if there is a way I can see the other layers as well as the layer I am custom brushing on?? I am using custom brush to help paste trees on a map I am creating, so its on the tree layer but I cannot see the ground layer to know where I am pasting the trees ? maybe there is a way to see the other layers as well ?
  2. Actually, it's exactly the same in PDN. Make the rectangle selection, switch to the Black Arrow, hold CTRL, then click and drag to lift a copy. Now, once it's been lifted the first time, you're moving the lifted selection, so you can't lift another copy. So, it kinda works, but only once. I'm not exactly sure how it works in PS... yeah that does work...to bad I cant do it anymore then Once
  3. how do you make a Transparent Background ?
  4. In Adobe and Bitmap you can Highlight what you want to Copy, Hold CTRL drag and it copies the image selected and keeps the Original where it was...is there a similar way to do this or will I have to constantly Ctrl+V and move it ?
  5. Yeah sorry I find it hard to Explain it.... In the old Bitmap, when you selected something with the Square outline tool you could then either select to Make a color transparent or keep it as is. Lets say I wanted to make a Zit on a face, so I make it, Box it with the tool, select that the white background around the zit disappears and then place the zit on the face without the white and just the zit. that's sorta what I am getting at....lol Oh I did what you wanted and it works....is there another way to do that?
  6. Hi, I've been trying for a little while to get something to work. I have a few trees I want to cut and paste onto a green Map... so I box the trees on the checkerboard background and Copy and paste onto a green Map...when I try to Overlap the tress to look like a Forest so a bunch of them are there, they will not overlap only go erase whats below it. hopefully I worded it OK...
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