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  1. I'm sorry That is a private matter between those involved, and this is not the place to discuss it. If anyone has issues with or objections to any moderator or administrative actions, feel free to PM any (or all) moderator or administrator with your questions or concerns.
  2. Where are the daleks and Tardis picture and r2d2 ????????????????????? My art teacher says you're awesome and one of the best here so please keep making stuff
  3. My Dad is in hospital after an accident at work. He's asked me to tell you, go with wotever theme you want
  4. Wit my Dad's help I made this. He may help more when he's back from watching the Stereophonics. Maze for smaller peaces and Random for big
  5. Wheres the animated one you made? That looks really cool 8)
  6. Hiya I've wanted to join here for ages but my dad wouldn't let me until I was 11. I want to use paint.net to colour in drawings I do. these are copied from some birthday cards