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  1. Been a while since I've been here, whole new crop of folks with waaay more talent than me.... but I'll show y'all a sig I made for the Ulc.net forum - before they booted me.. i'll work on updating my old sig here... ouch..
  2. I've been writing poetry for a long time, but it seems its the ones that don't fit into a specific category that I like the most- So long as THY shadow shall fall among men, Pain, Grief, Happiness All, Shall be but fleeting moments upon the conciousness that shall forever desire such experience to begin, to change, or come to an end. Only the few shall ever be,who shall LET it be - and thereby experience that something special eternal, and as the season's renew so shall YOU.
  3. Hello folks, I've had PDN for a couple months, made the first piece of work that I actually saved today ( my sig ), I've read the rules, Browsed the forums and Tuts till my eyes bled, and really *really* wish I had some natural ability. :oops: ah well, such is life! There are so many talented and helpful folks here it blows me away that its all based on a free program. Paint.net - and you folks - are all awesome!
  4. I'm really new to paint.net. I think i overdid it with searching topics, my eyes are either watering really badly or bleeding.... :? but after all the reading and playing with tut's this is the best I could manage for now.... I really want to get the transition of flames to background better. Tried many techniques, I know there's stuff i missed, I'ma keep workin at it! oh, and i know its cheesy, but the Hobo Symbol ( yellow) is supposed to look hurried towards the right.... considering what it means... If i absolutely had to rate anything I'd say : Sweet ! Looks excellent to me Pipp92 ! I know, but who am i to judge.....
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