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  1. I can't figure it out. I saved the zip to the folder and now... it's not there. Did the update save the new 3.5 somewhere I didn't want it?
  2. Well I managed to get a blood-splatter plugin that works but it's not precisely the most realistic one I was looking for. (I got the Pyrochild one, it's a bit cartoony). But to answer your question, I have trouble installing some. It feels like they all require a different form of installation I'm sorry I can't be more descriptive. It's hard to explain the situation when one barely knows what the problem IS
  3. I'm trying to get the ability to use custom brushes (most noteably, trying to get the blood splatter effect) and I've used the Search function extensively but I always get to outdated threads and websites where the files don't work or aren't even there anymore. (One of them is the OP to this thread). I am completely lost.
  4. Figured this was a site filled with adults but okay. To the search function!
  5. Might I ask where this "feather" function is?
  6. First of all, I would like to note than anything more complicated past my precious "MS Paint", I am retarded with. I could never get the hang of Adobe and Paint.Net isnt showing much promise for me. And before you treat me like a complete newb and start tossing my links to the "Newbie Playground" section, I'll have you know I have about 4 tabs open on various threads including that Deviantart "Interactive Tutorial". Which helps, but nothing teaches better than getting your < no swearing > there and doing it yourself... And I do, but I always come across roadblocks where I don't know what the hell is going on and I can't use SEARCH because that's just it - I don't know what to search for! The picture below shows a couple of things. First, it shows that I am a complete moron who can't duplicate a simple "M" symbol. Seriously though, It's just showing what I'm trying to duplicate. Secondly, and most important of all, it's showing you the problem I am having that I haven't encountered yet for some reason and layering up doesn't solve the problem. I found this confusing. Why is it doing that and how do I stop it. Turning off the "anti aliasing" (whatever the <No cursing.> that means) only makes it look pixellated. Help.