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  1. Yellow orange red and green are my favorites my top is red XD P.S. THX Again for the comment
  2. I just made these to ask everyone how good i am so far.
  3. glass blocks were made by ed harvey not pyrochild My sig is my end result
  4. I'm horrible at this so usually around 10-30min on something that would take a decent person 30 sec.
  5. My bad i was sitting their a while, while thinking of a word. ~~edit: i don't think it would count because it basically mean unnecessary.
  6. tyrant :arrow: hobo Explanation for some people, tyrant is most likely rich and powerful, an antonym for that would be peasant, which is most likely poor and not powerful, and hobo is a synonym for peasant, which would still count as an antonym for tyrant . right?
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