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    SHINY BUTTON TUTORIAL Ok... My name is Alex and I did this tutorial to show you my shiny button for beginners Where you'll see the text typed between ** that means it's optional YOU NEED: - Outline Object BEGINNING: Step 1: - Starting A blank page *(I'm using Width: 200 - Height: 60)* EXAMPLE 1: Step 2: - Shape Draw the shape of the button *(I'm making it Rounded-Rectangle)* EXAMPLE 2: Step 3: - Colors Make a new Layer. Select the outside of the shape *(I used Magic Wand - Tolerance 50%)*, press [ctrl+i] and draw a grandient on the new layer. -Make sure the grandiend layer is under the shape one- EXAMPLE 3: Step 4: - Shiny Thing Make a new layer, grab the white color and draw the shine's shape. *Blur it.* And set the transparency to 70-90 -The shine shape must be under the button's shape and above the grandiend- Then select the outside of the button's shape *(I used Magic Wand - Tolerance 50%)* and delete the unnecessary shine EXAMPLE 1: EXAMPLE 2: MEDIUM: Step 1: - Adding more shine Select the inside of the button's shape *(I used Magic Wand - Tolerance 50%)* then go to Effects > Outline Object and pick a color *I set the Radius to 5 and Strengh to 1*. Click OK EXAMPLE 1: Now deselect all and stay on the button's shape and go again to Effects > Outline Object and pick white * I set Radius to 1 and Strengh to 1*, Ok again. Step 2: - Adding Text and some effects to it Just play with a variation of outlines and layer blends RESULT!!!!!!! WORKING MORE ON IT!!!!!! ~Sorry for the bad english, I'm from Romania.