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  1. This tut will show you how to make your teeth whiter using paint.net

    you will need color tint

    you will also need some selecting knowledge.

    so let's start out by getting us some yellow teeth


    :shock: that's some ugly teeth

    so start out by opening your picture and duplicating the layer.

    next we need to select the teeth. for this one, I had to use lasso select


    I didn't do a very good job on it, but it will still turn out okay.(Just a little yellow on the sides :lol::lol::lol::lol: )

    so on the duplicated layer, run color tint at default settings


    now it looks worse then before! It now looks freakishly white!

    so I'm going to adjust the opacity of the layer


    and we're done! please comment and share your pictures

  2. list of plugins

    invert channels (found in adjustments)

    inverts red,green,blue or alpha:   "See Zip file below".


    Rainbow loom (found in render)

    creates a texture that look like a loom(I think).  "See Zip file below".


    Sound wave (found in render)

    Renders another cool looking texture:  "See Zip file below".


    X rainbow bars (found in render)

    renders horizontal rainbow bars:  "See Zip file below".


    and here's the zip of all of them and the codelab scripts  "To be added later".


    28646_9ed3cca5f0387ef63534ec5b020a25fc.ZIP   Invert Channels.


      28646_326850f7edda449bb0e48d135e524075.ZIP  Rainbow Loom.


    28646_d58da6e267de2013c53ac752ac18a3ec.ZIP     Sound Wave.



    28646_fed5c4e6ea340216b742918e77b78836.ZIP      X Rainbow bars.

  3. well, this time I decided to make something a little bit more advanced, so after tweaking some code from Madjik's bubble tut, I was able to come up with this

    This plugin renders the loom of your choosing onto the source canvas.


    (thanks to Ego Eram Reputo for helping me out with the sliders)

    enjoy! :) (this effect is found in render)

    rainbow loom.zip

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