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  1. I was trying to translate this tutorial to pdn & i could translate all except for this step: Is there any plugin I could use to do this?
  2. Oh no I have 3.22 I guess thats the problem lol Thanks
  3. Thanks =] Yeah its fixed now
  4. When I try to use the outline object effect it says error...
  5. Ohh you wanted the picture not the textures. oops, lol This is the original from the colorization:
  6. I cant find the one I used on the Kanye one =/ But Heres the others I used: Inverted the colors on that one^ to make it white && Sorry this is so late...My computer was crashed lol
  7. umm What folder do you put the common DLL in?
  8. Yes 100% paint.net Hold on I'm uploading everything I used right now
  9. Thanks for the feedback =] && If you want to know who the artists are 1) Rihanna 2) Lil Wayne 3) Chris Brown 4) Nick Jonas 5) Kanye West =]
  10. My style is a bit different from most things I've seen on here I like to do things with my favorite artists Heres some of my favorite things I've done Feel Free to give me suggestions on how to improve in any area! =] Oh and if you don't like the artists, please keep your opinions on that to yourself. Let's just try to focus on the graphics =] New: Colorizations ^
  11. http://swimchick.net/free-resources/pai ... ro-scripts In psp you use scripts to achieve this effect Is there any way I can do this in Paint.net?
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