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  1. Thanks. you saved me. it is great software. i used GIMP as well but that was too heavy for my P4 system with 1GB RAM but it is very fast as compared to GIMP. and i think it has more plugins than GIMP.I liked GIMP also but because of my system i was not able to use it to max performance. many time i had to shutdown the system because GIMP caused it to hang. thanks for help.
  2. Hi. i just downloaded and installed PDN. for one of my project i need to cut a single image in multiple images of variable width but same height? i was doing this by selecting and cutting the image area and then saving to new image but every time i can not get same height as required. how i can do that? another thing is how i can resize the selection. the problem is that when i select something and after that if i try to resize the selected area photo get distorted. hope i am clear regarding selection area resizing. actually i am not sure how to put in words. let me try once more. i was using picasa before and when i select crop option in picasa all i do is just select some random area then resize that selection and crop. it does not effect the image proportion but in PDN i could not find crop option. there is an option 'crop to selection' but that is not what i am looking for. thanks for help.
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