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  1. Nice textures, ive played games and not seen any liek those actually xD. None are basic, I love it. And nice that your using it! I used to make some for a game called Priton Tale, a private server, and Id re-skin all my stuff xD
  2. Wow tile twist is sweet, especially hwo the spiral forms to a singular middle tile @.o
  3. Im attempting at only Black and White for a while xD but thanks. I should have the border eaither more symetrycal or much more funky. thanks for adviceee rate simons XD
  4. I like the smudging for the fire and stuff but theres a line about 2/3rds of the way up?
  5. It's not bad but a little bit too colorfull and white (to me) If you made the sprite yourself 9/10 (Nice, a little hard to see but whatevs) If you didnt make the sprite sorry but 7/10 ;/
  6. Theres plenty of buttons tutorials and even a plug in but nice job, I like the look. If yours is uniquely different try to post it and make sure to follow the guidelines!
  7. Benji2

    Which 1?

    Thanks , I need to fix that white now somehow Edit: fixed, thanks for input. Edit2: forum 150pixel hight rule blows haha New Sig:
  8. Benji2

    Which 1?

    And critique please! I shouldn't have chosen that white border huh... I need to change that later lol
  9. O I thought the lines were a use of Render> Gradient Bars xD
  10. Wow I really like yours, especially how its not a mirror! 9/10 and can you message me on how to do something like that?
  11. Well I honestly search around the web (if I cant think of anything original) and look at tutorials, by any program. While attempting to copy teh tutorial or idea in, sometimes it looks better or worse in my opinion... Check out this tutorial, this is something I dream of doing lol: ... p_tutorial
  12. haha, funny skull story As for the pictures, The first one is nice but If you would have created it bigger and then downsized it or used a couple more layers of blurs and/or lighting to make it a little less pixalated. Try cleaning it up and reposting it (Hold shift down for perfect circles) The 2nd picture is better , I like it more at least
  13. I think its in the creations portion of Tutorials, try to amke exploding planets
  14. Very Nice, I like the use of Bars and I really like where the water and the woman meet. The people look splendid as well! :wink: If that was my wedding picture I would be very happy 4/5, I dont know what else you could do to it but its very good!
  15. Umm, images gone.. sorry to bump But I would like to see if its easy to re-set up
  16. I like the work ideas a lot actually! Heres my critique on the 1st picture, Maybe blur the bars so they dont look so rendered? I dunno I'm a newbie xD
  17. I Liked this tutorial a lot :wink: The actual Tut : ... dthang.png Slightly different outcome, on purpose ofc:
  18. The sword and gem I used are attached. Nice tutorial. One thing, the handle.... I need to finish it later
  19. All of the alt keys, so you can make sweet buttons... my Function Button!: My Easy Button:
  20. I would have to say my favorite thing is the plugins... The fact that it is free is a bonus, I would pay for this program a flat fee if it was necesarry! Its also so very simple in my opinion.
  21. It is ok but looks a little bit simple. Its a nice idea, try on making it 3-d and/or making the colors more realistic.
  22. Spell your name: Benji2 Spell your name backwards: 2ijneb Spell it with your elbow: benbji2 Spell it with your eyes shut: benji2 Spell it with your forehead: t34j88n1223 Spell it with your nose: bge3nj8i2 Spell it with your ear: ....not doing this lmao Spell it with your lips: benju3
  23. If you do, pupil em and I will pupil you. Its also a fun game, but kinda slow... I suggest trying it if your bored haha