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  1. Thats a great song but i dont really like the singers voice 9/10 All or nothing-Theory of a deadman
  2. wrong thing to say on a pdn site squid pencil or pen
  3. Plugins for sure before i didnt use pdn very much until i learned about plugins.
  4. Mine did not turn out well at all.
  5. That sounds pretty disgusting and painful
  6. :PolarInversion: polar inversion cause its cool pigs or cows?
  7. all my friends NO NOTHING ABOUT PAINT.NET so when i bring it up there like what?!
  8. yea that was pretty good 6/10 mine is While my guitar gently weep covered by The Jeff Healy Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJh3KaIKDAw
  9. I like your signature for the text style and its awesome 6/10
  10. thanks all for the comments
  11. Actually i the original image was the dimensions but the picture thing made it smaller(It's a thumbnail)
  12. Well i got bored and started fooling around on Paint.NET then some something cool then added my username and there you go,my first siggy.
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