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  1. Hello, As you guys know i repaint planes for fsx using the great, paint.net program. If not then you can refur to my older topic: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=30992 I am now repainting PAN AM airlines and i noticed the bottom is metallic or reflective silver: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Pan-Am/L ... d30d52559d When your making paints for fsx you cant just get the metallic texture from the picture, you have to make it yourself cause its an old picture. so is there a plugin or something that i can use to "create" this metallic texture? -thank you
  2. hi, as you guys know i am a texture artist for an fsx company called my traffic and i paint planes with the great program, paint.net. my next project is making the Emirated Formula 1 Livery but i ran into a problem. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Etihad-A ... 955b055809 as you can see there is one dark color on the tial and it gradually goes lighter as it gets to the front of the aircraft. this is pretty much inpossople to manually paint so is there a plugin i can download that will give me this effect? -thank you
  3. wow, nice job picasso. i just put it into fsx (flight simulator x) and it loooks amazing. i just sent you a PM containing the picture of it. -thank you
  4. wow you did it perfectly but can i have it in .bmp fourm? -thank you
  5. i'm sorry i dont thing i explained it that well. what i do is a have a blank texture like this: and i take this picture: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Algeria- ... 6dfb7d0698 and put it in paint.net like this: then i do my best to replicate it on the model like this: (sorry its a different plane but as you can see this is a boeing 757) and it looks almost like this one in real life http://www.airliners.net/photo/British- ... 240f56399f now i am doing the same thing but for the C130 but its harder for the camoflage cause its not all straight lines and you can copy and paste figures off real life pictures but they tend to have old, and dirty pixels. so i usually do my best to replicate it but when you just use the line tool and then fill it in with the pain bucket it doesn't look real. i hope you guys understand now, but if you don't then let me know. if you do than can you think of other good tools to use? -thank you
  6. thanks but what tool would i use to select the area? as you can see in the picture in my first post there are a lot of wavy parts, and not just straight. -thank you
  7. no, just repainting planes for flight simulator X using Paint.net
  8. hey, i am repainting military planes and one of them is a C130. when i tried painting the camoflage on the plane it looked very unrealistic and not lifelike. so i was wondering, what are some good tools to use in this situation? what are some good tips to know in this situation? and how can i make it look lifelike? plane i am repainting: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Algeria- ... 6dfb7d0698 -thank you
  9. thanks, now i can use paint.net for photoshop plane files! -thank you
  10. thanks but there are a lot of photoshop plugins. i just need one that can convery photoshop files to paint.net files. -thank you
  11. it comes in psd format and i tried to change it to bmp and pdn and then opening it on paint.net with no luck. what is it called? im looking there and i see a lot of plugins but none with the word photoshop in it -thank you
  12. hi, i use paint.net to paint different aircraft liveries for fsx and it is the best program i have ever used, but when i try downloading airplane paint kits from companies like wilco or PMDG or captainsim it doesnt let me load the files into paint.net and paint them. is there a way i can convert these files so instead of working in photoshop they can work in paint.net? -thank you
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