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  1. Great tutorial, easy to understand and follow. Really neat effect, thank you for sharing. Here is what I made:
  2. Very nice tutorial, it's sort of like a neon reflecting text. Very cool. Thank you for the tutorial. On Step 4 instead of having to click on each letter, what I did was click on the duplicated layer with the magic wand tool, then go to Edit > Invert Selection. It will then select the text. On Step 5 instead of having to fill each letter in one by one, I went to Flood Mode beside Tolerance and selected Global, this will fill the text with the color of your choice (keep in mind that you have to have the Wand Tool selected in order to change it to global.) ***OR even better select the bucket tool, hold down the shift key and fill the selected text. (Thank you to Oma for this shortcut.)*** Step 6 and 7 stumped me, but I think I figured it out: Step 6: CTRL+D (Edit > Deselect), Effects > Photo > Glow Step 7: Select middle layer go to Effects > Blur > Zoom Blur with the zoom amount of 40. Then do Effects > Photo > Glow Here are my results:
  3. This was a fun tutorial, easy to understand and easy to do. Thank you so much for it. Here's my shot at it: On the second glass button tutorial, instead of using the Tom Code Lab and SearedIce, I used the gradient tools as a substitute and got this result, which I'm pretty happy with.
  4. This is an awesome tutorial, I just wish that I could get it right. I followed the tutorial step by step and I'm not sure where I am going wrong. Also, when doing the Median blur is my text supposed to disappear because that's what it's doing when I apply it? Here are my results. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? It looks nothing like the others.
  5. Very nice tutorial, really easy and simple to follow. Good job. Here's my try at it: This one didn't come out as good as the second one, for some reason. I used the same font on both, but this one seems a lot better than the first.
  6. 9/10 Love the blue and blue is my favorite color, but your mountains/hills could use a little color to them, other than that, you have a very nice sig.
  7. Thank you for the really great plug in! I stayed up all night making so many buttons with this. This is just an awesome plug in. Thanks again. 8)
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