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  1. Added a new avatar + sig, see OP.
  2. Use the advanced option of curves+. Input - Luminosity Output - Alpha. Then leave the rest as it is, and hit OK. for the area you highlighted (or the whole picture), luminosity (brightness) will now = alpha. You can play around with it and fine tune it as well.
  3. ... when you install PDN on every computer you use, even public ones. ... when you hack your friends computer (with his permission) and use you remote access to install PDN Guilty of both.
  4. ^ Needs to be more careful < Is a know-it-all v posts in this forum.
  5. You stop being addicted to Big Red. You get addicted to Little Blue soda. :twisted: I wish I had a computer that isn't a six-year-old POS.
  6. A simple portal-themed wallpaper that I came up with: C/C is welcome and appreciated, as always.
  7. Dr. D Simply amazing background. +Amazing BG +Windows 7 11/10 My far more modest desktop:
  8. Dr. D Simply amazing background. +Amazing BG +Windows 7 11/10 My far more modest desktop:
  9. Best spacescape I've ever seen! How'd you make the planet textures, though?
  10. Came up with a nice and simple wallpaper yesterday: C/C Is welcome, as always.
  11. Gradient bars with a bright primary and fully transparent secondary (play with the settings to get them on the bottom, like the way Madjik did it: in this topic. Then sorta mess with them (add blur, unfocus, cloud overlay, frosted glass, etc ). Hope it helped.
  12. I just added a new spacescape. Check it out:
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