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  1. Here's mine : Electrical , if this is not qualified pm me and I'll remove it ..
  2. Amazing as stated in fans .. I love the flowers they are so beautiful love what you've done everything is perfect .
  3. Already voted .. Sorry Chrisco I pulled out , I figured since I didn't get even 1 vote why bother ... Good Luck to the rest ^_^
  4. Oh my oh my , dude where have you been .. It's about time you've shown us all your beautiful creations so many wonderful things to see , keep up the great job
  5. Beautiful new piece although I do remember commenting at fans .. I love all your works they are all always so wholesome and bring such warmth during such harsh times . Thank you so much
  6. Just a bit of the jaggies , don't matter because it doesn't take away the focus .. Well done , this one ought to be put in the Galleria ..
  7. Hi sokagirl, in your interests it says you like writing dark poetry! I like to write songs but they are real dark too!

  8. Beautiful new piece barbie .. I feel so uninspired right now , not even going to post anything for awhile ..
  9. Awesome pieces barbie .. I'm jealous , ha ha .. They look like metal ribbons :star:
  10. I love what you've done with the daisy , very pastel . Nice gallery
  11. Wow !! I love the new one amazing , I would love to make signatures like you .. Great job
  12. It's beautiful , looks like a heart dipped in chocolate .. Very creative
  13. Wow , that is wonderful always wanted to make butterflies but never could make those feelers great job with the clouds ..
  14. Never mind .. sorry I made a mistake and I couldn't delete the post .
  15. Wow barbie , just saw your entry .. Love the texture , awesome job .
  16. I voted for yours barbie , a real shame it had to go down like this ..In my eyes your works will always be an inspiration
  17. Wha ha ha .. Fire is perhaps the most easiest element to use , can't wait to see yours barbie
  18. Thanks Possum and barbie but Welsh just entered his and he burnt my Octopus , ha ha ha .. He is so good I really like the entries so far , many good ones .. Good luck everyone
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