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  1. I can't say this is a family friendly board
  2. CSM -1 Cooltew -1 Love CSM's new signature , looks simple and yet it also looks complicated because of the shadow being off .
  3. Oh I know you and Yellowman always come up with such awesome pieces , I just can't even come close to what the two of you create ..
  4. @ Possum , thanks .. I'm glad it did . This theme is very hard to create totally from scratch but Black Penny I have confidence in you , maybe you can find something you like and perhaps hide an image within an image as I had ? Blending and layering is easy for me but creating something like an illusion well that's a tough one .
  5. Well I did one but I don't think it's right because I used two stocks then layered with clouds , changed the colors . If it doesn't let me know and I'll be happy to remove it . I read the rules where it states create an image so I guess it doesn't qualify .. Sorry , I will remove it ..
  6. Stocks used : http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy65/amyjayne10/Flowers/dd0c9d44.jpg http://i0006.photobucket.com/albums/0006/findstuff22/Best%20Images/Just%20For%20Fun/Just%20for%20Fun%20Adjusted/BESTskull-21.jpg
  7. Cool stuff , love the new signature ..
  8. Hey girl , it's great to see your Gallery up and running again . You have so many wonderful pieces , I'm sure the people here would really enjoy seeing them , awesome job on your latest work .
  9. Thanks TrineO but I decided not to use that one because it may not look like seeds or pods to some .
  10. Fern fractal and tiles were used for this piece .
  11. One question though , does seeds or pods count as plants ?
  12. I just might enter again , hey what can I say I am a gluten for punishment ..
  13. Okay so no one wants to make the last vote ? This one was a hard choice because both were good in their own way .. Himself : 3 Siddek : 2 Congrats Himself .. I'm entering with this one :
  14. No surprise there .. Congrats you guys on a job well done .
  15. Thanks for your promptness , just put in my vote ..
  16. Oh my goodness .. That is incredible but I'm not surprised after all you are an great artist ..I want that box
  17. Very nice entry , good luck .
  18. Agreed , Looks like Cooltew put more work into his signature . Cooltew : 3 L3ron : 2 Congrats Cooltew
  19. I see you used the tip I gave you about the tiles and it turned out so cool , great job with it .. The two new ones are awesome ..
  20. Here's mine : I made it with clouds and solarizing , the background was made with tiles and the bottom well it's made with Pyro's trail plug in ..
  21. Hi , me again .. Sorry for being so dumb but I submitted an entry but then realized that it said pasted together which more than one piece right ?
  22. Thanks it's 100% pdn and I first thought that Geometric was grids in a form of different shapes .. Ha ha , I can be so retarded
  23. I entered mine but I'm not sure if it's qualified ? Let me know if it's not .. Thanks
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