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  1. The documentation on this control is very poor. There is no description of the function or use of the sliders. In many cases, using the globe is much more intuitive. Is would benefit greatly from a fine movement control. Maybe using the CTRL or Alt keys to limit changes to 1 degree or 0.1 degree increments?
  2. Is it possible to create a drawing element such as a line or circle using the desired coordinates of whatever measurement system is in use? I have searched the forums and haven't been able to find an answer. This would be particularly useful for line drawings. For example, if I have a canvas of 8.5x11", and I would like to specify a line to start from x=1.00", y=1.50' and end at x=7.00" and y=1.50"; or maybe a circle with a center at x,y and a radius of r (or diameter, or point on the perimeter). ...or move selected elements to a specific coordinate lo
  3. Is there currently any way to load all pages of a multi-page .tif file? This and other file types will store multiple pages in a single file. I would like to be able to view/edit and re-save the file in its original format. I envision loading the pages in as one tab per page, or possibly one page per layer. If this is not currently available, can it be considered as a future feature? Thanks!
  4. Try using the Magic Wand to capture the area you want to turn transparent. Then hit delete. Use the Shift key with the magic wand to select all areas in the image with that color. Adjust Threshhold to determine how specific you want the color selection to be. Alternately, use recolor to change the unwanted color to something really odd, like neon purple, then use the Magic Wand as above on the odd color.
  5. After much frustration and several posts on the forum which gave me answers but no solution, I finally figured it out by accident. Set the primary/secondary colors as described in the docs. Change the BRUSH WIDTH to a large number such as 100 or more. Adjust the tolerance slider to control how precise you want the color replacement to be.... set it at 5%-10% if you want only the exact color replaced, higher if you want more shades of the color replaced. Hold down either the left or right mouse button and note the brush size circle. Drag the circle across the area you wish to color change.
  6. This thread sorely needs a step-by-step guide to using Animated Image. Here it is: I'm using PDN 3.5.8 under WinXP. Installed the AnimGif.dll in the (root)\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes folder. Starting with the original animated .gif file, create a copy of it and rename it to filename.agif. You should be able to drag and drop either one onto an IE or Firefox window and verify that they both play properly. With a freshly opened window of PDN, select File/Open. In the Open dialog, Files of Type field, select "Animated GIF (*.agif)" and select the 'file.agif' file, and click 'Open'.
  7. Then someone is clearly too impatient to read. Second and third paragraph respectively. It's not even like you had to read a few pages before reaching it. These paragraphs only tell you how to select the color being replaced and the color to replace it with. I repeat: The "help" page doesn't tell you how to use the tool. I understood how to select the primary and secondary colors. The problem is that when I try to perform the actual replacement of the color by clicking on the color to be replaced, NOTHING HAPPENS. The help page states that if Tolerance is set to 100% it acts like a Flood Fill
  8. I have been fighting with the 'recolor' tool for a long time. I just found the above exercise and tried it. I doesn't work for me. No change. Left button or right button. If I hold the left button and drag it, I get a black line. The 'help' page for Recolor is worthless.....
  9. That help page is just about worthless. It tells you what 'recolor' can do, but DOESN'T TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!! And it DOESN'T work like the flood fill tool. Even at 100%. :evil: I want to replace a color over an entire image, and can't make it work. The best I have been able to get is a line across the old color.
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