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  1. InsideOut, Polar Transformation-Polar to Rectangular.
  2. DS. Creme or caramel Cadbury eggs?
  3. The rose looks really good. Bad habit, I took yellowman's two pictures above and put 'em together, played with the layering a bit too.
  4. 7/10 That's creepy. lol I think I need to make a habit of saving everything as a PDN file before anything else.
  5. 4/10 A bit too simple, and that's not even your name. lol
  6. Let's bring this out of the extremely specific fictions. lol
  7. I hate rating things, uh... 9/10. Looks cool, that's all I'm qualified to say. lol
  8. It does if you've ever seen Invader Zim. Not much beats a Time and Space traveling ship. lol
  9. Here's mine. Gradients + Negation Layer Blending