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  1. I got an IPod nano, some Wii games, and lots of other stuff.
  2. Spell your name: Anna Spell your name backwards: annA Spell it with your elbow: anbna Spell it with your eyes shut: anna Spell it with your forehead: cqyuh7yhu Spell it with your nose: aqnnq Spell it with your ear: XADCD V Spell it with your lips: anna
  3. I like the blooper sig :3
  4. MMORPG. Mother Nature or Father time?
  5. Poof~! You got good grades on it but you fail everything else. I wish I could go back in time.
  6. Ooo okies. Sorry about that. Anyway; Sepia
  7. 8/10 Edit: I like the shape and the color, and the way it looks shiny, simple but good. :3
  8. This, I like the background, but you could work on makeing the words more readable.