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  1. This is my first ever PDN made image.. 8) I tried my best to make it realistic, and i know it's not the best but i will try to make better next time.
  2. I don't see any problems with Printing I have windows XP too. In the Printing wizard there are many option about how you want it to be printed out
  3. Download the Boarder and Shape pluggin for easy way to add a boarder line to any pictures. If you want to go with the hard way use the rectangle tool from the tool box.
  4. Yes i know the BMW sig didn't look realistic but may be i will make one in future. Thanks for the comment on the current signature i put a little space between the reflect didn't know it would look weird. The Next Person please rate pdnnoob's Signature..Thanks
  5. Good texture and color may be you could add some texts into it 7.5/10. Rate This: and current one..
  6. I never thought Paint.NET can do this type of works, you have a great creativity.
  7. You could use the Sharpen effect under photo to reduce blurr. 7/10
  8. VanCrusoe


    Amazing digital works creative arts... 8)
  9. Well, it's like the Windows program Paint, except written to use the .NET framework. It makes sense. Oh..it make sense...thanks CommanderSozo.
  10. Anyone would like to tell me how Paint.net got that name.... 8)
  11. I don't hate or love ratings The letters in the sig should change be cause it hard to read and the background is not bad 6/10. Rate this:
  12. 9/10 because it's 100% ,made by Paint.net like my signature. 8) and very simple and creative.
  13. Yes i know that when you click save as the image in that box doesn't look like the one in the layer...even when you put 100% quality no chance...
  14. JPEG images do look great on Paint.NET but when you save it and use it another websites the quality looks terrible. Is there anything you can do to fix it? I have to save my pictures as png format for better quality. Also one more question When i use the Magic wand and cut the sides, the sides doesn't look smooth...
  15. 9.8/10 amazing signature...Even though it's just a typography you included every details...I like your avatar too good job.
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