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  1. Took it down a slightly different route, not much tho the gf does seem to like it Love this tutorial, considering i aint got much experience in pdn this sure is one hella easy tut to follow
  2. Absolutely love this effect, and so easy to do (i am still clueless about PdN) Only thing i can't figure out is how to keep the colour in the glow. I wanna put a halo on a picture of my gf for a bit of fun. Played around with the ellipse tool but it looks daft in glowing white, i want it in yellow
  3. well im new to the forum, fairly new to PDN, but i love having a go at all the tutorials and stuff, its slowly expanding my knowledge of paint.net and im starting to have a go at editing the tutorials i have followed successfully, e.g. getting my name to fit with the background etc etc. Id have given up long ago if everyone in the forums hadnt been so...friendly and clear with instructions and stuff, its great, and ive managed to get another 5 people to download PDN so cheers guys
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