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  1. first project in a while a combo of a sketch and a little PDN love
  2. Overall "blooper" i'de have to say that would make a cool signature for a forum. Maybe you could add a couple geometric shapes coming in from the sides where there is some empty space and possibly some thin black lines to seperate the colors a little. I hope i was helpfull and good Job keepin it colorfull.
  3. Sketch of mine plus some editing on Paint.net
  4. Sketch of mine plus some editing on Paint.net
  5. Sketch of mine plus some editing on Paint.net
  6. Sketch of mine plus some editing on Paint.net
  7. 100% pdn creation no tracing just a reference pic to know what a lady bug looked like in detail. not the best and a little ruff, what the verdict
  8. Jake2K your photos are awesomer and the way you bring the life to them is awesome. I have to say that the pics with the vintage look could use a little grain but overall the pictures with the editing do look very professional. . Original image is a 1963 Holden eh Hidden Content: Final image With Shelby GT 500 front and SVT Mustang Cobra R wheels and lowered
  9. One of my smoothest polished works yet had a fun time with polar inversion, gradients color flip, bulge crystalize and bevels. How does it look?
  10. becauseiwanted_ i checked out your work i thought the bee, toy car, exploding planet and the eye were awesome just curious how did you change the proportions of the car i have been tring to do trying to do that but to no avail.
  11. Thanks much for the comment i will be posting more stuff and the stuff i will be doing now i will take more time on. So far all the work i have done is just fidget work to get to know the tools and plugins. Up until yeterday i didn't realize their was a forum just for PDN and honestly now that i know i will step up the quality and depth of my stuff. P.s. do you have a gallery i would love to check it out
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