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  1. For those who can't download the plugin. It seems that certain DNS providers are not able to correctly resolve DNS for Try setting Google Public DNS ( as your alternative DNS provider; this helped me. See guide here:
  2. Please, stop saying it is fixed. The download server is broken now, and has been broken for many months. It filters out certain IPs (no idea on what principle) and replies with 404. The fact that you can download it doesn't mean that I can download it (yes, I checked it few seconds ago, again, as I have been doing for few months already). The only viable solution is to mirror the plugin somewhere else.
  3. Download link still doesn't work. Can anyone finally make another mirror for this package? I've been trying to get it for few months already, without any success! " cannot be found" error, doesn't matter what browser or download manager I use. Maybe it filters out certain countries IPs?
  4. Can you, please, make a mirror for the package? Soon it will be a month since I began attempts to download it...
  5. Trying to download it, but " not found". Is there any mirror?