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  1. Here's a logo/banner for the Logo/Banner Challenge on these forums:
  2. Lol yup. The border is to give a white glow effect. Thanks for the comment! Glad you like it.
  3. A simple sig I did recently. Based off of some of the text and background effects used in some of the new Halo 4 videos. and the white border around the image blends right in on this forum I just noticed lol.
  4. Very nice. I think I like the coloring of the first. Looks great overall!
  5. Thanks you guys! I still feel I need to do something with the plane itself, but not sure. Also did this sig. recently: I'm content with it for now.
  6. I did this one back in August before starting another semester of school. It's been a long time I know. I hope to get some GFX going this summer. Not my greatest, but I was trying to go for a 60's look.
  7. The idea behind the scan lines was to create the look of a hologram/screen effect. Thanks for your critiques.
  8. Hey everyone it's been a while. I did a sig. for a CoD themed SoTW today.
  9. barbieq25: You're right about most being dark. I bet with my other sigs. I'll do some light ones. I still haven't used the halftone plug-in and I'm interested in using it. HELEN: Thanks for your kind words both of you.
  10. Thanks everyone. If you want I could do a tutorial on them. I'm going to be making some sigs. soon.
  11. Here's something I did a while ago. The clouds are made in PdN not by using the could plugin. I have figured a way out to make realistic looking clouds without smudging or painting. It's called The Descent:
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