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  1. I thought I had posted this but it's not showing up anywhere, including the "my posts" list in my UCP so here goes again. I only downloaded PDN a few days ago but it has already proved indispensable. I wanted to make a logo for a customised t-shirt using a few lines from one of my all time favourite songs. I have PSP Pro X2 Ultimate and The GIMP 2.6.6 but neither could handle the devanagari Unicode text properly, or at all. So I fired up PDN and hey presto! success. I think that this calls for a tangible expression of gratitude after payday, but in the meantime - thanks to PAINT.NET for being able to do somethiyng two competitor products can't!
  2. Just a quick note to say thanks for your demolition of Villa - with our title chances gones, that thumping of Villa helps our chances of securing CL entry for next season.
  3. Sharma ke ye kyon sab from Chaudhvin ka chand, my first fix of filmi qawwali and the start of my addiction.
  4. Gooner coming in peace - you guys are having a great year, and your demolition of MUFC last weekend was a thing of beauty. Call me crazy, but I still think we have a shot at the CL, with our crocks coming back to fitness, but for Liverpool I am very happy that the morons running UEFA finally di something sensible and didn't force you to play on the anniversary. We are out of the running for the PL this season, so you have my backing on the "anybody but Alex" principle.
  5. O Saathi Re, from Muqaddar ka sikandar. Truly getting a "Brimful of Asha"!
  6. DAILY Firefox VLC player Atlantis BarahaPad BarahaIME Excel 2007 SolSuite Nuance PDF Pro 5 Irfanview FREQUENTLY CCleaner JVPowertools2009 Corel PaintShopPro X2 Ultimate Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 10.1 Access 2007 ConvertXtoDVD OpenOffice 3.1 BYKI 4.0 Deluxe Hindi XCode SE Kompozer ImgBurn IE7 SurveyPro4 OCCASIONALLY Learn Italian Now! V9 Audacity 1st Sound Recorder DVD Ripper Chrome CoffeeCup HTML Editor 9.1 QuattrPro X4 WordPerfect X4 Corel Video Studio Pro X2 I have not yet installed PAINT.NET because I want to read a bit first, so that hopefully it can jump right up this list from the moment I install it.
  7. My desktop wallpaper is a shot from Cassini. I love it, and have have kept it as my desktop for months now, because as well as the gorgeous shot of Saturn, Earth is visible in the photo, and it's fun getting people to try to find it. http://maxqnzs.com/screenshots/desktop1.jpg
  8. I've just joined the forum after conming to PAINT.NET via Nonags. My digital art skills are about as well-developed as my unassisted flying skills, but this forum looks like just the sort of place to change that.
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