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  1. ^ Scottish to be exact! < Is a European v Is American?
  2. ^ no i am teh mastah ^.^ jks < is going to learn something new v is a pie
  3. I like the splatter unerneath your name and the fact that you've not been using PdN for long its good 6/10 considering I also think Big Daddys own.
  4. Very nice i need to try this when I have time! heres my go
  5. I know I will gradually add pictures as I do them
  6. Hello I will post some of my work or tutorials that I have followed here I think this looks like Leopard skin/fur/hair whatever you want to call it Hidden Content: LJXD's Tutorial picture! Hidden Content: Smiley inspired by Nemos smileys (although not as good as his ) Hidden Content: Planet and stars Hidden Content: Glossy Name Hidden Content: Button Hidden Content: The Golden Donught! Hidden Content: Sports Car to Toy Car tutorial I followed Hidden Content: Sonic Glowy Line Hidden Content: Sam's Radioactive Lollipops! Hidden Content: Green Green Grass Hidden Content: Proffesional Looking Advertisment Tutorial Hidden Content: Sigs Hidden Content:
  7. Fourth one down in sigs section, nice job
  8. Hi all, im not sure if this game has been done before. So the game goes like this - Everyone posts a picture and the next person posts one that can beat it. For example person 1 would post a tree then person 2 would post something like fire or an axe etc. etc. I will start
  9. ^ Likes Joe Satriani < Just fell off his chair v Has never heard of Joe Satriani?
  10. Amazing tut that is also a good picture cool skitzo :shock:
  11. :shock: as skitzo said that is amazing im goin to try it, awesome :!: :!: :!:
  12. Your work is so clean and awesome! love it all and btw is there a tutorial on how you do the transparent glass bit that goes through the middle of some pictures would be MUCH appreciated thanks keep up the great work
  13. @petewolfbane your sig is AWESOME 9/10 cool colours and eerie atmosphere great job oh and my sigs are the only 2 i have made so go easy :!: :oops:
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