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  1. baby face - my favorite peice of yours now so far just.. wow :shock:
  2. Cool! I know i should have feathered the planet but for some reason nothing happenes for me i'll soon sort it out :twisted:
  3. Thanks Helen I actually did it by accident id never remember how i did it :oops:
  4. Can you show a screenshot of some sort to I can see the gradient?
  5. Your new blue wallpaper is soo cool! Can you help me with making a glossy im stumped on how you do it
  6. Some brush some but edited the way it flows and colour
  7. I like the border and the render especially fits witht he colours you have chose good job
  8. ^ likes cookies and is an orange monster < is wondering v wants my last cookie
  9. For your rainbow picture how do you make it glossy I am trying to achieve this effect with no luck! and I love your "angry man" picture because its simple and i like simple!
  10. Thanks Nemo good hearing that from such a skilled PdN user like you!
  11. Kanye West one is awesome and the little green dude at the bottom keep up the good work
  12. LMAO!!!! well if your considering spending a lot of money on the console - the ps3 is for you if you dont want to spend so much - xbox 360 ps3 has web browser (not very good one though) and blu ray (very good) although it is harder to set up the network it is free. Whereas the xbox network - xbox live is not free also in my opinion GH is better thank rockband but the xboxs controller is more comfortable in my opinion anyway its up to you!
  13. "dont laugh" No one should be laughing! This is great work keep it up!
  14. ^ Very bored < As bored as flip and is going to bed now because he is so bored v Lives in Europe
  15. How do you set a direct link in your sig with the name my gallery? :oops:
  16. Acid Jazz rocks that songs awesome 7/10 Through The fire and Flame - Dragon Force
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