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  1. I like it a lot, although transferring is spelt wrong. 9/10 rate -
  2. Theres a tutorial here flip viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28291 NEXT PERSON RATE FLIP
  3. Nice job although my text is a bit :AntiAliasingOff: but thats my own fault.
  4. ^ Has a look < Likes his sigs v Thinks I should make a new sig
  5. I'm also going through MUSE new album The Resistance , ear candy! yum
  6. I have to say your new abstract is pretty awesome.
  7. I got my new dell inspiron 15 laptop and i'll be feasting on the new windows 7 for free also.
  8. ^completed it < Just put in the modd to play gta v owns an xbox/ps3
  9. today I fell and broke 2 toes and i was due to play in a football tournament tommorow!
  10. wow... he should stop now I mean, you already said you were editing. Anyways great pictures Nemo!
  11. That is soo cool I like the iPod Nano and especially you made everything from scratch but one thing the coca cola glass looks an awkward shape to me, its wavy. is it ment to be like that ? I think its 10/10
  12. well 1. pirated it 2.got warnings already for pirating for oour broadband services although I think they are bluffing but im not taking chances. 3. PdN is much more user friendly3.photoshop takes up diskspace.
  13. my brother downloaded photoshop on my laptop :evil: luckily i deleted it the next day
  14. ^ yeah! < plays rugby and football v wants to play rugby?
  15. ^ I think its monty pythons flying circus if i remember < Likes monty python movies v Wants to watch Monty Python
  16. @onemorelevel I saved them on my other pc which i sold a couple of days ago cos i got this brand spankin new laptop yay! but sorry lost it all so no tutorial until i figure out how i did it again @theonlychad thats it! inside out also no I havent used alpha masks i dont know what they are :O EDIT - at my smiley i think the tongue ruined it any ideas on how to shape the mouth better because its seriously hard on a laptop and i was trying to do a smiley but turned out as a :o lol.
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