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  1. First I want to thank you Pyro for all the awesome plugins you have made...EDIT I fixed the problem, I dont know what it was so i just deleted everything and redownloaded and now all works fine. I mustve of screwed something up messing around. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you, i should have to find a tutorial for THAT effect on the water as the one i had come up with that I was going to use isnt nearly as good. I will post my results after I get the chance to take another stab.
  3. Ok, first things first. Hello, I have no experience with any other software like this and this is really my first project. I am doing a simple top down view of a fountain, I am hoping some of the more adept artists might be willing to give some advice-- The other day I saw a picture in someone's gallery of a cup of coffee sitting on saucer and the work was simple and lovely. I am hoping to keep it clean but elegant. My feeble first attempt. LINES COLOR Now thanks to a tutorial here I have a much better version of the water, but i am trying to get away from that flat feel for the fountain tiers...so any advice would be welcome. Oh, and yes I do need to keep the fountain right around this size.
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