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  1. How do you add the crescent thing?
  2. Finally. I have been lookimng everwhere for the dents and I found them, not just them but the best plugins out there. Your work is amazing.
  3. If I were you I would resize all of the screenshots before the admin locks this topic up.
  4. Kyuui

    Bloody Tentacles.

    I'm gonna put it as my siggy.
  5. That is very possible you know what its called? Guess... SPYWARE!!! duhhh if you get spyware the person that gave it to you can control your computer from theres. It's highly common.
  6. Our last PC we turned it off when wewent to bed and couple months later it kept slowing down more and more ever day so we got rid of it and we found out service providers told us its destroys your memory when you turn it off and on like that.