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  1. Dang, This Hasn't been Updated in a While, I Guess I'll Share Some .ico files I made, Use At Will! Hidden Content: :shock: Coming In :shock: Coming In 30Mins
  2. Thanks For The Tip lol, I Just Downloaded a lot of new fonts, including my original font of choice... Thanks Again Man, Later.
  3. I meant for this to be my new sig. But....its too big!*Loud Yell* .........Oh Well....
  4. Three Songs: Getting Away With Murder - Papa Roach On My Own - Three Days Grace The Melting Point Of Wax - Thrice
  5. Thanks, OMA, Means a lot Since I'm Still Sort Of A Beginner, I Find It Hard On This Slow Cpu(I Should Have A New One In A Lil'bit)...Thanks For The Comment And I'll Do My Best. TheXog...
  6. It's Actually Pronounced The X.O.G., and No One Shall Guess What It Means... :twisted:
  7. Dang, Does This Look Awesome or What?! Direct Link:
  8. Test, Animate[Gif.c]{Layer}Play :arrow:
  9. Hey I'm New Here(Actually I Just Found Out About This Place) And I've Had Paint.NET For A Long Time Now, Just Wanted To Show My Newest Creations! I Post New Stuff Here Every Month(Maybe As I Make It)! Current Logo: