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  1. Cookie-Cut Text Effect

    Best Help found: >> "How to Install Plug-ins" Quick run down…. 1. Download from their corresponding link to your desktop… Ensure that the Paint.Net program is closed. 2. Unzip into the “effects” folder located wherever you installed Paint.Net usually…. C:\Program Files\Paint.Net\Effects 3. Then open Paint.Net and look for your plug-in located in the following menus: a) "Custom Brush" – Scroll down to bottom of Effects * (Has been updated several times since I’ve used it, however, the link above explains how to install new brushes, etc.) b-c) "Feather" and "Outline" are in Effects-Object d) "Multicoloured Gradient" is in Effects-Render Hope this helps.
  2. Cross-Processing

    Which family member would you like her to be? Sister, Mother....Daughter? (In a Family Frendly sort of way) Not to mention, girls who have been in this situation preferring not to be.
  3. Cross-Processing

    Please read with astute calmness. (I don't see anywhere where I wrote, remove the post?) I realize “stock?” photos can be a limited resource especially if free but, this is the chosen photo? I find it odd on a "Family Friendly? Forum", pictures of a girl in underwear, looking completely plastered with beer bottles scattered, distressed on a toilet which actually could be someone friend (although I would question the "friend" part) family oriented. No disrespect. I'm a memeber because I like the product. I find your belittling it all, a bit disquieting and someone has to say these images are not OK. Because really. They're not OK. Tabou
  4. Cross-Processing

    I believe while this tutorial is interesting enough, the images are disturbingly non-family oriented borderline abusive leaving me to wonder why such pictures (Rule 12) are not requested to be changed or removed?
  5. Anaglyphs (3D Effect)

    Another binocular alternative is to try "Rotate & Zoom" on the red layer adjusting the angle -1.00 to -2.00, then set both the X & Y Pan approx. -0.020 to -0.030. This is simple and works quite well. Depth can also be played with by strategic cropping. Let me know if it helps.
  6. Anaglyphs (3D Effect)

    While you have made a good point in your comment, the average person will have only one photo in which to create this effect. Perhaps, I have simplified the left/right horizontal shift a bit much for truest. As a quick alternative try the “Multi-view warp” (by Ed Harvey) over the red filter with a low shift. This will help simulate the binocular distortion you are referring to.
  7. Fixing A Damaged Photo

    Glad to share.
  8. Anaglyphs (3D Effect)

    Yep, it's easy and if your into 3D, the outcome can be pretty awesome. **Thanks for your input**
  9. Photo Enchancements Made Simple

    Glad to share. I find this "dodge & burn" technique very useful myself for exposure adjustments.
  10. Yes, if there's vast tonal variations - resampling close to areas works best otherwise, adjusting the transparency should suffice. Thanks for your comment and pointing this out.
  11. Alpha Mask Import Plugin (2.0)

    Alpha-Mask. Works great. Thanks
  12. Alpha Mask Import Plugin (2.0)

    Alpha-Mask. Works great. Thanks
  13. Alpha Mask Import Plugin (2.0)

    Alpha-Mask. Works great. Thanks
  14. Isolate Lineart

    Quick, simple and yet so useful! Thanks.
  15. Isolate Lineart

    Quick, simple and yet so useful! Thanks.