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  1. mudah untuk menjadi beza, tetapi susah sangat untuk menjadi lebih baik. Guess that language. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy brown kitten wearing three hundred computers running Paint.NET.
  2. I gave up on guns and now I have a picture of a fish: pretty simple. EDIT: Didn't see that coming. Nice sketch, but the colour hurts the eye. Is it a stock image?
  3. Wow that grass is amazing, it looks like a real photo! And horsey_girl163460: That's quite good for a first attempt, try cutting out the images using another method, and add shadows using layers if you can.
  4. I'm sorry for saying that thing was out of topic. Maybe I used the wrong word, what I meant was that wood does not fit into the style, and the topic in the out-of-topic means my guns, if you know what I mean.
  5. That wooden texture you provided dosen't fit the style. Guns used polished wood, and you texture is out of topic. Colt Anaconda .45 Magnum. 100% Paint.NET I underestimated these revolvers. They have a lot of detail, much more than I expected.
  6. Nice flower, the middle of it spoils the look though...
  7. Hmmph I'm lacking a scanner. That StG 44 looks great! Are you going to shade it? You know, to get the 3D illusions of my pictures? That is exactly what I did.
  8. I can't find the tutorial, so I went ahead and got this: Mauser Karabineer 98 Kurz. 100% PDN. Yay.
  9. ^ is wrong < has a real name V Has a real name and knows that I am correct.
  10. Yes, my real name is Amos. Comments please. The wooden textures are stock images. That was my hardest drawing to date. My canvas started at 800X600 but grew to 2000X2000. Painstakingly slow, thanks to that bolt mechanism. But oh well, going to start on another gun next week. (EDIT: Oh bloody potato I forgot to smooth the edges when I was resizing.)
  11. Oh cool a golf ball. The grass looks a bit too short though...(look at the bottom) Hidden Content: Yeah I know quite a bit about World War II. I played Spring:1944, IL-2 Sturmovik, and Blitzkreig all WW2 games. Nearly bought Theatre of War. But I'm more interested in vehicles of WW2 then firearms, but could give you help if needed.
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