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  1. Hi I got a new Huawei Phone and need to load the DNG Files and EDIT the Images. I saw many Videos where People Edit such Images who look amazing. The brought some details out who cant see in an Traditional .jpg Files. I tried to install it and put them in the Folder but I cant see anything in Paint.Net so where should be the Import Tool? Thanks
  2. Hi I will order some Printed Foil for an Project who have an Digital Camo on and have an Name on. For everyone who dont know what a Digital Camo is there some Stock Image: But I will use "our" Colour for (nothing Military): Plum, Red, Orange (Gold) So how to do? Thanks!
  3. no compare an Burning Animation and the Flag together and everything is fine. And you do a great work!
  4. but how can i get the color bars behind the text in the perfect length? It must have some dynamic way... (oke this forum dont support all bbcode... )
  5. some burning animation will be great.
  6. 1) Yes i know i can work with Layer but... On this Website is a good Example: https://www.for-me-online.de/at The use Pictures an Text with colour Background. The Colour Background fit perfect in the Text. Hmm how the do this? By Hand? How can i place an Text, Colour Bar 100% exact on the same Position every time? Thanks
  7. I try everything and find no solution for. Please help me i have to reside and edit thousand of pictures.
  8. no sorry i know how i cut some sink out but not how i get it "back" to 16:9
  9. Oke there is another Sample Pic. I will remove the Black "whatever" on To of the Picture. After than the Pic should have 1005 x 566 Pixel and the other thinks on the Pic shuld cut. How i can do this?! THX!
  10. Sorry my english is bad... Original Picture: Edit Picture: I want to Print all my Pictues out for some Friends. The huge Problem is the size have to 4:3 or 16:9. I looking for a Plugin or something like that who has an open frame but it fix locket to 16:9, 4:3. I want to move it around to find the perfect size for. THX!!!!
  11. Sorry my English is relay bad... :oops: (I speak German) Vista Ulatimate SP1 , .Net 3.5 + Update (!!)
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