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  1. ptuZ has slightly blurred bubbles. Doc doom over here is a bit dark. But I think this comes down to a bubble battle, after watching the youtube link ( :O ) ptuZ; 0 chrisco; 2
  2. This looks fun If it werent fictional... I would do kentucky fried children
  3. Wow. I really like pdm sig. But I also like cortez. Both I like the same, so il vote for mike and let someone else decide Mike:2 Cortez:2
  4. No idea what mayors is, but its really cool. Stone, theres nothing wrong with yours, like the retro feel. Mayor:1 stone:0
  5. Love the shapes on mayors. #winner mayor.
  6. It would be a lot better if you knew who buckethead was Mayor; your sigs are getting worse! I loved the first Metroid sig! But, 8/10. Still good. EDIT WTF? did stone ninja me? Better with color. .01 out of 10. (^^) No 7 out of 10. Like the text but not the
  7. Sweet. Looks like to much noise (or whatever) near the middle. 8.8888888888123456789/10 (im serious about my ratings)
  8. 3-1 Winner stone85. kemaru, the text does kill it. Meh. Stone, I love the colors, but the text also is not great. You still win #winner stone85. My entry; Not sure if I should made it rainbow, but I do like the finished project
  9. Oh man, THIRD time I have messed up on this thread! >.> I(edit IM!) so bad lol dont even bother reading. N1. I hate hockey. N2. Is that the ghost dude thing from mw2? Even though I hate hockey, im still voting for mike! Why? Good blending, stands out. Mayor: Ditto of what you said to cortez But there both very good! PDM:1 McSteeve:1
  10. Cortez. Your blue there could be extended, maybe more blue. But it still is great. Mike, the background is a bit to pink. At first I was going to vote you, but I looked at cortez's and I think his is a bit better. Very close tho... Mike:0 Cortez:1
  11. I rolled on the floor laughing at the trolls flight.
  12. WOW im stupid. My vote is with csm. 3/2/0/0
  13. Hm. Well, if the scratchs are small, you may be able to partly remove them...
  14. @ stone I know eh? yy10, that is really good. Is the background a render? Well, anyways good glowing.
  15. Jeez csm its so simple, but creative lol. You probably just randomly felt the urge to draw a very good 2 year old drawing xD
  16. Mayor. Its very eyecatching and fresh. 9/10 for the smudging on the wrist and the mirror thing. Rate this; New material Why is it so big?
  17. Ai7 I have lots of good sigs ready to battle...
  18. DARN! All the outcomes look fantabulous! But, I cant see the pictures! T.T If its posible.. please put them back.
  19. Whoooooooooops! I didnt realize CSM had a sig ^^ So I guess il just vote. Csm; Nice warm-ness, (I like yellow) And I think theres some blue... But I love Ai7's oldish looking text and lines. Uncle Sam ftw! Ai7:1 Csm:0
  20. Mayor... is that new sig? not as good, but this is sig battles, so I must vote! Darn I wanted to battle... ANYWAYS.... Mike, the white splot there is strange. Julius Jones,, I mean chrisco... That is very good. Chris:2 Mike:1
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