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  1. By chance could I see this tutorial. I am looking to start creating some maps. I want to start writing a fantasy novel, but I need a world to populate first. Thanks Mars
  2. Thank you I appreciate the assistance, that works on a big image, but still doesn't quite seem to work correctly on an image of size 100x25... Trying to make images for a webpage... I'll keep fiddling with it... I appreciate your help. Joe
  3. Yes I was putting everything in it's own layer, but the motion blur didn't work for me correctly, it only blurred one of the lines, and not on the edges all the way across. Hmmm something is a miss, I'll have to try again. Thanks Edit: Yep just tried it again and when I get to the motion blur section on step 2 it screws up the line... doesn't add the "gradient" looking effect to the ends of the lines.
  4. I was just wondering if there were any pDn experts out there who wouldn't mind helping me convert this tutorial to pDn. I tried it myself and for some reason when I get to the end of step 2 it doesn't work like theirs does. I may be doing something wrong, not sure what it would be though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Joe
  5. working on setting up some images for a personal web page.

  6. Feel free . I went ahead and added you to my contact list. Joe
  7. Feel free to add me to your messenger if you use MSN, my user ID is Joe
  8. I was curious if there were any video game enthusiasts in the PdN Forums. If so, have any of you ever considered taking up video game art as a hobby? If so let me know, I am learning to program video games. I plan to go back to school for it when I get things situated from moving cross country. Thanks Joe
  9. Here are a few pictures, of the sort of what I was getting at. These aren't my work they are from a game tutorial I was doing. I am interested in making similar. I guess what i was curious is if anyone had any techniques to make these types of things. Usually for me at least if I draw freely, i am less likely to make things that look proportionately good. But if i am following a method/technique/tutorial, the end product usually ends up looking pretty decent. Thanks joe
  10. I guess I should have been more specific in what i was looking for if possible. I am trying to create body parts for non-anime characters. Things like trolls/elves/humans etc etc, but I can barely draw a stick figure, so if there is anybody who can do a tutorial for creating each separate body part using techniques available to Paint.Net. I have pixeled a few space ships from time to time, and a few other things but I think they look funny because i always try to make them match from top to bottom, left to right. Meaning I try to keep the pixels in each direction equal distance and equal colors. So, I was hoping to find a better way of creating people(I have not attempted to do people yet in drawing because I know I will try the spaceship method I have used previously.) I hope this makes more sense. Thanks Joe
  11. I was curious if there is anyone who can possibly put a tutorial up for creating body parts. I want to create some simple games but as much as I can do the coding. I cannot do the art work, at least not more than some crappy stick figures. Thanks in advance if anyone can do this for me. Joe
  12. Ah, okay. I'll start working on the tutorial again tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response. Joe
  13. Thank you very much, I'm not sure how I missed that one, but i guess when you spent the last 2 days downloading goodies for Paint.Net it can be easy to overlook some Again thank you very much. Joe
  14. I'm curious to know if it is possible to shift an image say, a few pixels in one direction left/right/top bottom, removing the pixels on whichever side and putting them on the opposite side. This is often used in creating images for things like sprite sheets. I have downloaded several plugins from the most gracious developers here, but in going through them I do not see anything like it. I am trying my hand at hobbyist game programming and I'm not much of an artist so if i can find anything to improve what little bit of art i can do, i'd greatly appreciate the help. thanks joe
  15. I like the look of this tutorial, I love space scenes. But something is throwing me off, and i don't want to go through the entire thing and have it turn out like bloody potato before i ask the question. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: add Noise :AddNoise: add Gaussian Blur Radius: 2-3 [depend on your Planet Size] :GaussianBlur: Switch to a "Planet layer" select all space out of your Planet . Switch back to your "Blurred Noise Layer" press ENTF to delete. This line is confusing me, what is ENTF? I tried pushing those letters and all it did was change my tools around. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Joe