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  1. CONGRATS! One-bazzilion Dora the Explorer dolls that shout out Bible verses in Spanish are heading to your house right now. I wish I could get published.
  2. TADA! You know how to play the guitar, nut your fingers become so coarse that your fingers fall off.
  3. Cool! Looks like the big bang.
  4. OK, not my style but I like the slow beat: 7.5/10 I think I'll take that as a compliment towards them(?)
  5. Pomplamoose's Lady Gaga - Telephone tribute/remix (better then it sounds)
  6. Now, they know how to stroke some strings. 10/10
  7. ^ Um, XFire? < Just read the thread's new rules v Knows what MangCha is
  8. ^ No < procrastinating as well v Also procrastinates.
  9. I like the vocals and the slow melody. (Forgot to rate) 9/10 Rage against the machines - Guerrilla Radio (Warning for epileptics: this is a seizure inducer!)
  10. Pretty nice beat and video for a song with no lyrics. 10/10 Try (try and ignore the comments that say things like "I want to **** her")